Munin plugins and SNMP resources for Windows to plot fan speed, temperature, memory usage and performance state.
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Nvidia SNMP Stuff

  1. Configure Net-SNMP :
  2. Use snmpd.conf to C:\usr\etc\snmp\
  3. Put scripts to C:\scripts\
  4. ln -s snmp__whatever to /etc/munin/scripts/snmp_windows.box_whatever
  5. Adapt for you and enjoy


  1. Use speedfan, enable logging, add stuff to log
  2. Put in "C:\scripts"
  3. Add an extend: "extend sensors C:/python27/python.exe c:/scripts/"
  4. Restart net-snmp service
  5. Adapt to your sensors and use in munin (change hostname for the one in munin.conf, adapt headers accordingly of speedfan)
  6. ln -s sensors_whatever-for-readability_fans (available: _fans, _temperatures and _voltages)