Inventory in Go because why not
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Inventory in Go, because why not.


  • Write a web frontend with /api/ part
  • Collectors:
    • users on OS
    • packages (rpm, deb, at least) and freshness (are updates availables ?)
    • LXC guests list if host
    • LXD guests list if host
  • Nginx vhost list by parsing configs in a "debian-like way" (nginx/sites-enabled/*)
  • MySQL databases list
  • PostgresSQL databases list
  • Redis db list (is it possible ?)


go get -v -insecure -u

Edit config: conf/app.ini and conf/collectors.cfg

Launch how you want the "./goinv agent" and "./goinv web" Or use the Systemd Unit files in "conf/" directory and adapt them

Contact, issues

  • Main contact: Dashie: dashie (at) sigpipe (dot) me
  • Main repository:
  • Main issue tracker:


  • MIT License