Recreation of the ARP 2600.
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ARP 2600



board schematics reviewed pcb tested
4014 ring modulator done
4015 sample & hold done
4019 VCA done
4020 ADSR done
4022 Noise done
4027 VCO done
4072 VCF done
Board 1 done
Board 2 done
Board 2-1 done
Board 3 done
Board 4 done
Board 4-1 done
Board 5 done
Board 5-1 done


All panel jacks

  • check if they are properly labelled/wired

Original schematics

  • The jacks have S and T, S represent SHUNT, T for TIP, and the circle seems the SLEEVE
  • an UP arrow is +15V, a DOWN arrow is -15V

Patroche reverse

  • Some typos presents, missing items in BOM, and some components are mislabelled in the PCB placement pictures

Board 1

  • On patroche, R27 (near S7) is R36

Board 3

Adaptations have been made for 4072 VCF instead of 4012.

Board 4

  • Shouldn't E57 and E65 reverb input and output be internal RCA ?
  • Some jacks / solder points don't have a number on schematics (given one arbitrary)
  • two pairs of components have the same number too (changed one)

Board 4-1

  • one duplicate reference, some missing in patroche bom, one value differs from schematics

Board 5-1

  • In patroche PCB view, pin 1 and 4 are swapped from the schematics
  • see notes in schematics for renamed parts


  • keep the same number as original schematics (R123, CR42, etc.)
  • uses different prefix for Resistors (R), Trimmers (VR) and Faders (?), also to do that on existing made schematics.
  • Jack sockets are Exx, hole for soldering a PANEL one or other wiring is Txx
  • Use the PCBs from patroche to check for jacks on PCB vs panel and the associated 'pads' for the flying wires between boards
  • Properly document thoses 'flying wires' like but SVG/PDF with the board delimited and points/wire visibles. we don't have to wait until PCBs are done for that.
  • PSU won't (yet) be recreated, you can use a newer, better one like (PCB is available in 115 and 230V)
  • Keyboard is not planned as CV/Gate is available on the panel, use your own midi-to-cv or keyboard with CV/Gate output
  • Properly document in a separate file all changes between schematics/patroche (and our renaming of duplicates)


  1. Make identical boards as original/patroche
  2. Maybe re-add the panel jacks to the bottom of PCBs
  3. We will see