Another Ham Radio Logbook -- Web, Multi-user multiple-logbook, with eQSL upload support
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Rework CAT / radio stuff (add / edit / remove)


Delete logs button; ajax

Mobile ui


!!! Rewrite Actions menu of QSOs list for setting eQSL to sent / received

Ajouter une option de config pour demander la clé ClubLog : * We now accept new band frequency ranges (30m, 60m) and modes (ARDOP, QRA64, MSK144) defined by ADIF 3.0.5 specification

Hardening des ajax new qso/edit ->

2/ Test app without internet to check fallback

nicely manage unknown DXCC prefixes when DXCC not updated


Change auto select mode

Change input from mode only if


Change DXCC tab to "DXCC Table"

Add "DXCC Summary" tab with a list consisting of the country and total counts, maybe modes and counts


Date picker for From/To

Callsign autocompletion


Act as a "server" for



Fixes to do

Form errors doesn't display which field is required, ambiguous


Stats.jinja2, DXCC table too large

Required form fields should have a red border or something

Replace lot of buttons by an icon

How to move the submit button on bottom of the stack ? (using extended wtf flask_security register form)


Add logbook

Delete logbook


Delete QSO

Export ADIF

Import ADIF

Add/delete/view notes

Add QSO and test the two geo json

Test for logged only urls

Test stats, qso, logbook when the logbook doesn't exist

Test logbook public / private and direct logbook / qso access

Test adif imports export and stuff without valid CALL/LOC