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Usage of the Light Meter firmware


The encoder is also a push-button, and made to be translucent as the cap, and lighted with a RED and GREEN leds.

The top button is the power-on, and previous-menu, the bottom one is next-menu.

To power-on the light meter, press the top button for a few seconds.

To power-down the light meter, go to the system menu and press the encoder. An auto-power down is also implemented, if there is no knob or button handling in one hour, it will auto power-off to save battery life.

If charging, a small "plug" icon will appears on left of the battery indicator on top-right.

Menus, in order

Photo mode

Rotate the encoder to change aperture, the exposure meter is free-running, in order to take a still measure, point the device at your subject, then blindly press the encoder pushbutton, then look back at the screen. The light meter is now on hold, notified by a small "Hold" displayed on top right.

Press again the encoder to get back to free-running mode.

While on Hold you can rotate the encoder and get speed for different aperture !

Cine/Video mode

Same as Photo mode, rotating the encoder change the film speed, the encoder press will switch to Hold.

ISO selection

Rotate the encoder to choose your current ISO speed. Upon changing menu, the selected ISO will be saved in EEPROM and read back on power-on.


This menu displays the following:

  • top-left: OK ! or NOBATT ! if battery present or not
  • top-right: battery voltage
  • bottom-left: battery percentage
  • bottom-right: charge or discharge rate, -40mA means the light meter consumes 40mA to run, a positive number means it is recharging.

Press the encoder to shutdown the light meter.


This menu displays raw values from the sensor:

  • top-left: RAW infrared value
  • top-right: RAW visible value
  • bottom: calculated LUX value

You can also press the encoder button to Hold the LUX value, hold will be indicated on bottom right.


Kept from the first firmware this Light Meter is based on, press the encoder, it will displays a few hearts.