Something something like soundcloud but not like soundcloud.
Log in, upload records, done.
Simple, easy, KISS.
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  • Workers for crons

    • Some ideas about sanity checking transcodings broken, or not done totaly etc.
  • Tags for tracks

  • FTS Search for sounds

  • Some basic statistics of files

    • Played from player, downloads (transcode, orig)
  • Album

    • switch song duration stay sometimes
  • Emails notifications (register, password changed, track ready)

  • Slugs: BEFORE, and UNIQUE; Some things weird on that side IIRC

  • Better handle transcoding and waveform generation for FLAC and OGG (audiowaveform should use the transcoded mp3 file)

    • to check, might be already done…


  • Needs improvements

Low priority:

  • SQL optimization

  • Check for sentry in:

    • waitress (web)
    • celery (workers)
  • Celery things to add in web interface:

    • log user
    • jobs failed
    • retry
    • admin interface
    • jobs failed
    • retry


  • deleted sound : test / fix handle correctly, tombstone thing

  • Accessing a deleted object/activity should return a Tombstone

  • /users/xxx/followings is broken and show xxx instead of followings

    • this is due being to[0].followers returns the real followers as .actor (.target == xxx)
    • and[0].followings returns the real followings as .target (.actor == xxx)
    • and that build_ordered_collection(list, actor, page) only use .actor because that’s how it should work
    • for now there is a switch_side=True/False ugly fix