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Translating reel2bits
Thank you for reading this! If you want to help translate reel2bits,
you found the proper place :)
Translation workflow
Once you're logged-in on the Weblate instance, you can suggest translations. Your suggestions will then be reviewed
by the project maintainer or other translators to ensure consistency.
Respecting those guidelines is mandatory if you want your translation to be included:
- Use gender-neutral language and wording
Submitting a new language
1. Pull the latest version of ``master``
2. Create a new branch, e.g ``git checkout -b translations-new-fr-ca``
3. Add your new language code and name in ``front/src/locales.js``. Use the native language name, as it is what appears in the UI selector.
4. Create the ``po`` file from template:
.. code-block:: shell
export LOCALE=fr_CA # replace with your actual locale code
mkdir -p front/locales/$LOCALE/LC_MESSAGES
msginit --no-wrap --no-translator --locale=$LOCALE --input=front/locales/app.pot --output-file=front/locales/$LOCALE/LC_MESSAGES/app.po
5. Then commit your changes, push, and submit a pull request on the ``master`` branch
Requesting a new language
If you cannot submit a new language yourself, you can request it by opening an issue here:
Extracting messages from source
We offer a script to update existing ``po`` and ``pot`` files with new translations
from the source code. This action should be run regularly, and in particular before
lots of translation work is expected (e.g a few weeks before a new release), or when
the UI code changes a lot. Otherwise, translators end up translating some obsolete messages,
or not translationg new messages.
1. `Lock the translations on weblate <>`_ (``Lock`` button in the sidebar). This will prevent translators from working, and help prevent potential conflicts in the source code
2. `Commit and push changes from weblate <>`_ (``Commit`` and ``Push`` buttons in the sidebar)
3. Pull ``master`` in your local git repository to ensure you have the latest version of the translations
4. Create a dedicated branch with ``git checkout -b translations-integration``
5. Extract the translations with ``cd front && ./scripts/``. This will update all ``po`` files as necessary
6. Review, commit and push the changes, then open a merge request on the ``master`` branch
7. When the PR is merged, `Unlock the translations on weblate <>`_ (``Unlock`` button in the sidebar).