Something something like soundcloud but not like soundcloud.
Log in, upload records, done.
Simple, easy, KISS.
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Workers for crons

Some ideas about sanity checking transcodings broken, or not done totaly etc.

Tags for tracks

FTS Search for sounds

Some basic statistics of files

Played from player, downloads (transcode, orig)

Album: switch song duration stay empty lot of times

SQL optimization

translations check

***Low priority:

~~~~~~~ ACTIVITYPUB ~~~~~~~~ -> profile UPDATE not handled yet (littleboxes don't handle UPDATE) upstream

    ~~~~~~~ VARIOUS ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Check for sentry in:
  • waitress (web)
  • celery (workers)

Slugs : BEFORE, and UNIQUE; Some things weird on that side IIRC

Emails notifications (register, password changed, track ready)

    Celery things to add in web interface:
  • log user
  • jobs failed
  • retry
  • admin interface
  • jobs failed
  • retry