Something something like soundcloud but not like soundcloud.
Log in, upload records, done.
Simple, easy, KISS.
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All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

The format is based on Keep a Changelog.



  • Breaking: If you had installed the db previously, you might want to run flask db migrate and then the following db-datas migrations:
    • 000-seeds
    • 001-generate-tracks-uuids
    • 002-set-local-users
    • 003-set-user-quota
    • 004-update-file-sizes
    • 005-update-user-quotas
    • 006-generate-albums-uuids
    • 007-generate-users-uuids
  • Breaking: Commands to run: flask db-datas 005-update-user-quotas to precompute the user quotas
  • Breaking: New config options to set:
    • Update nginx config accordingly
  • User quotas (#179)
  • Refactored the cli commands (#179)
  • Added a few more users commands (#184)
  • Frontend now display correctly a not-ready track
  • Add button to retry transcoding/processing if failed
  • User profile now have an unprocessed tab listing thoses tracks
  • Turkish language added
  • An user can now delete his own account, triggering the right deletions and AP broadcasts
  • Added /.well-known/host-meta and /api/v1/instance for more mastodon API compatibility
  • Albums and Tracks can now have a custom artwork
  • Users can now choose an avatar
  • OEmbed, meta tags, Twitter Card and OpenGraph
  • flask test-email command to send a test email
  • Setting SENTRY_DSN in backend will activate Sentry in frontend
  • There is now an admin setting for a static announcement
  • CLI command to regenerate a specific waveform or all
  • Max file upload size can now be overriden in config


  • PNG waveforms are not computed anymore because unused (#179)
  • Timelines now uses a paginated=true/false GET parameter, if false, the timeline is rendered unpaginated for mastoapi compatibility
  • Old unused APIToken table removed
  • User language setting in profile now override browser one
  • URL scheme generation should be more robust
  • Added Icon(avatar) to Actor to make avatar federate
  • flask users list command now show confirmed at field
  • Quotas and file sizes are now BigInt
  • Waveform generation now use dynamic PixelsPerSecond depending of the track duration
  • Waveform generation now rounds the peaks to two digits
  • Remote Actor now have an associated User
  • User now have flake_id (migration needed + data command)


  • Waveform JSON generation through a .dat now use the right pixels per second; avoid huge waveforms datas for long tracks (#179)
  • Flake ID generation have been rewritten and should be good now
  • Flask Security email confirmation is now respected on registration and login workflows
  • User flake_id are now properly generated on insert