Something something like soundcloud but not like soundcloud.
Log in, upload records, done.
Simple, easy, KISS.
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reel2bits logo

Build Status

Demo instanceMatrix room: - Installation & Documentation

Reel2bits is a soundcloud-like self-hosted opensource web application. It allows you to upload tracks, transcode them if needed and publish podcasts or albums.

ActivityPub federation is still a work in progress, everything else works.


The official documentation is available here:

Development notes

The Developper documentation is available here:

Translators documentation

Refers to

Development notes

Run the backend with:

export FLASK_ENV=development
flask run

Setup the frontend with front/config/local.json:

  "target": ""

And run it with:

cd front
npm run dev

Then you can access the frontend on http://localhost:8081 and backend requests will be proxified properly.



Default config

  • App Name: My reel2bits instance
  • App description: This is a reel2bits instance


  • AGPL v3

Others projects inspired from