following upstream develop; adds sentry
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squeaky otter 0dfef05dec Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/develop' into develop 3 years ago
config.exs Add missing extended_nickname_format setting to the default config 3 years ago
description.exs Add `remote_ip` plug 3 years ago
dev.exs Fixes for dynamic configuration 3 years ago
docker.exs Remove dynamic config as default, add healthcheck 3 years ago
dokku.exs CI: Add auto-deployment via dokku. 3 years ago
emoji.txt Yolo merge 3 years ago
prod.exs Fixes for dynamic configuration 3 years ago
releases.exs Set instance static/uploads to be outside of application directory in release config 3 years ago
test.exs Add tests for emoji pack sharing 3 years ago