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  eugenijm 8249924485 Mastodon API: Add `pleroma.unread_conversation_count` to the Account entity 2 years ago
  kaniini e07e9cb75e Revert "Merge branch 'user-info-unread-direct-conversation' into 'develop'" 2 years ago
  Haelwenn (lanodan) Monnier e4ab9a05dd
cheatsheet.md: link to pleroma-fe docs for :frontend_configurations 2 years ago
  eugenijm 06d9df79c5 Mastodon API: Add `pleroma.unread_conversation_count` to the Account entity 2 years ago
  rinpatch 69784eb75a Add a missing language specification 2 years ago
  rinpatch 1cae564b5d Move config task docs to a separate file and mark it as WIP 2 years ago
  rinpatch 6baa037903 Move database maintenance tasks docs to a separate file 2 years ago
  rinpatch 8e08d5b233 MkDocs does not like if a paragraph doesn't have a newline after it 2 years ago
  rinpatch 2656f41818 Remove silent mode note as it's no longer relevant 2 years ago
  rinpatch aefb4dcff5 Cheatsheet: Use note/warning blocks instead of bold text 2 years ago
  rinpatch e560d65db3 Fix a typo in activity expirations 2 years ago
  rinpatch 25849157aa Remove fe settings from :instance as they no longer do anything 2 years ago
  rinpatch 4e70009490 Move bold text in RemoveIp description into a proper warning 2 years ago
  rinpatch cb162678df Add missing language spec 2 years ago
  rinpatch 66450f8615 Cheatsheet: Move the deprecated config warning into a warning block 2 years ago
  rinpatch 2cbe2dcbde Oops 2 years ago
  rinpatch b4ca864c6b Move user tasks docs to a separate file 2 years ago
  rinpatch 8fd47a4a5a Use consistent command signature 2 years ago
  rinpatch f5372bfb4a Fix up some headings 2 years ago
  rinpatch d39ccc2e7f Move uploads task docs to a separate file 2 years ago
  rinpatch 808d0a0170 Move relay docs to a separate file 2 years ago
  rinpatch 6435ba83cd Move instance CLI task docs to a text file 2 years ago
  rinpatch a54739a530 Improve styling of CLI tasks 2 years ago
  rinpatch 869ea2ab90 Move digest email docs to a separate file and improve styling 2 years ago
  rinpatch bd9c7807fb Move emoji task docs to a separate file 2 years ago
  rinpatch 2767c413fb Remove a reference to inline docs since everything it describes is 2 years ago
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  rinpatch b8e5e46fa8 Fix references to other pages 2 years ago
  rinpatch 74d682a09e Remove Small customizations as it's contents have been integrated into 2 years ago
  rinpatch 838ff12ec5 Remove "General tips for customizing Pleroma FE" because it's no longer 2 years ago
  rinpatch 03e1898917 Rename "Configuration" to "Configuration Cheat Sheet" and explain a bit 2 years ago
  rinpatch acc62f327d Rename some directories because MkDocs uses them for categories 2 years ago
  Egor Kislitsyn 93f966ea4b
Update CHANGELOG and pleroma_api.md 2 years ago
  Ariadne Conill 1d7cbdaf7b change new scrobble endpoint 2 years ago
  Ariadne Conill a6e1469767 router: change scrobble timeline route from now-playing to scrobbles 2 years ago
  Ariadne Conill 5fd29edac4 docs: add scrobble API description 2 years ago
  Haelwenn (lanodan) Monnier 717cb4f933
admin_api.md: Put data-type info as the values 2 years ago
  Maxim Filippov 0e59d1dc04 Update admin_api.md 2 years ago
  minibikini f9380289eb Add `remote_ip` plug 2 years ago
  Maxim Filippov 39a4892929 Add docs 2 years ago
  kPherox f249b2381f Fix code block for admin api document 2 years ago
  Ekaterina Vaartis fc16bec317 Add list_from endpoint to the pleroma_api docs 2 years ago
  Rachel Fae Fox 63af6951fa add tunable for stream uploads, as needed for jortage to work. 2 years ago
  Maxim Filippov f89fe3ac06 Update docs 2 years ago
  Maxim Filippov 6f25668215 Admin API: Add ability to force user's password reset 2 years ago
  lain fe4db3b94e API Docs: Document conversation ids. 2 years ago
  Egor Kislitsyn cf3041220a Add support for `rel="ugc"` 2 years ago
  Haelwenn (lanodan) Monnier c3856bed0c
docs/clients.md: Update source code urls 2 years ago
  Ekaterina Vaartis 86795d5ac2 Document emoji pack listing in the api docs 2 years ago
  vaartis 43022c347f Apply suggestion to docs/api/pleroma_api.md 2 years ago