57 Commits (develop)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  rinpatch b2f2012a4f Remove a test branch from CI 2 years ago
  rinpatch b5a43e301e Change docs build/deploy to just trigger a pipeline in the docs repo 2 years ago
  rinpatch 7131580058 CI: Enable OTP release building for maint/* branches 2 years ago
  rinpatch bdc1592377 Add PLEROMA_BUILD_ENV to override env for the version generator and use it in the CI for building docs 2 years ago
  rinpatch 0f6e333d8b Revert "Build releases only on tags or develop" 2 years ago
  rinpatch ee79c67081 Build releases only on tags or develop 2 years ago
  rinpatch 4974988f03 Export PLEROMA_BUILD_BRANCH 2 years ago
  rinpatch a6e3169cfc Make possible to override the branch name via a env variable 2 years ago
  rinpatch 8fbe1a3b92 remove the feature branch from only 2 years ago
  rinpatch fc4a8026d8 Remove a TODO 2 years ago
  rinpatch 6426aefb16 Expire artifacts in 42 years 2 years ago
  rinpatch 8dff4c7194 CI: Add automatic release builds 2 years ago
  lain 9ded9443a3 CI: Actually push to correct repo. 2 years ago
  rinpatch c3bcc4f6a2 CI: Replace mix test and mix coveralls with just mix coveralls 2 years ago
  lain 4e45f7bc87 CI: Add auto-deployment via dokku. 2 years ago
  lain ef63cf7088 CI: Use the correct image with the correct hostname. 2 years ago
  lain a3fc7294da CI: Add rum variant testing. 2 years ago
  feld f831acf912 Excoveralls for code coverage 2 years ago
  AkiraFukushima dff6afc7c8 fix: Add mix deps.get before unit-testing 2 years ago
  rinpatch e5df8cadea Revert "Merge branch 'test-coverage' into 'develop'" 2 years ago
  optikfluffel fb1be1d798 Use --cover option when running CI tests 2 years ago
  rinpatch 8c71ea5a1a remove reduntant services in docs deploy and change job names to kebab case 2 years ago
  rinpatch 5ee54d8183 what the fuck 2 years ago
  rinpatch 7827b929fc huh 2 years ago
  rinpatch 4861558b93 Separate CI jobs to 3 stages to allow them to be executed in parallel 2 years ago
  rinpatch a5326bb783 Remove useless echo 2 years ago
  rinpatch 4bf327b664 Remove postgres from documentation related jobs 2 years ago
  rinpatch 55cf85376f Add automatic doc build and deploy 2 years ago
  Haelwenn (lanodan) Monnier f62867dde6
.gitlab-ci.yml: Use --strict instead of list 2 years ago
  Haelwenn (lanodan) Monnier 4b73ca638e
[Credo][CI] Add readability as it’s fixed 2 years ago
  Haelwenn (lanodan) Monnier 4c440f12c3
[Credo] Fix the consistency 2 years ago
  Haelwenn (lanodan) Monnier ddcd0910d3
[Credo][CI] Do not make TODO/FIXME fail 2 years ago
  Haelwenn (lanodan) Monnier 6c8743d0c0
[Credo] Fix the warnings 2 years ago
  Haelwenn (lanodan) Monnier d93ab4817b
.gitlab-ci.yml: Adds credo to the chain 2 years ago
  rinpatch 7b227d935d Switch the CI to Elixir 1.8.1 2 years ago
  lain 71c8c60ded More speedup, test fixes. 2 years ago
  lain fa191a658b Speed up docker postgres. 2 years ago
  Rin Toshaka e31b4d05a8 [CI] Set MIX_ENV to test in `variables` section instead of specifying it before the command. Fix `mix compile` compiling in the dev env. 2 years ago
  Rin Toshaka facd30c9e8 Compile pleroma before ecto migrate 2 years ago
  Rin Toshaka f685351c1e Improve CI cache 2 years ago
  lain 0f67c1d487 don't re-use build 2 years ago
  rinpatch 72f038bdf2 Only jobs for one branch are allowed to use the same cache 2 years ago
  rinpatch 36826b11a6 Cache _build 2 years ago
  rinpatch 2a58f5dcaa Add dependency caching 2 years ago
  lain 236fd28aca use more modern elixir 3 years ago
  lambda bbd549c018 Update .gitlab-ci.yml 3 years ago
  lain 21510f6990 . 3 years ago
  lain 44a7789732 . 3 years ago
  lain 34aab9f877 .. 3 years ago
  lain b68c4bd271 Update CI. 3 years ago