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This is an attempt to make the original Perl Kit, Version 1.0 to build correctly
on recent Linux or *BSD.

This is *only* for *FUN* and *FUN*.
This is done by rhaamo <>

At this moment it will compile and "run", but some tests will fails.

And you need a bison/yacc which is NOT a GNU bison or you will get:
perl.y:73.1-5: syntax error, unexpected %type, expecting string or char or identifier

A yacc 1.9 from Berkeley is perfect.

Remove "-lcrypt" from Makefile to build on OpenBSD.

$ make

Run tests:
$ make test

Hello world:
$ make
$ ./

$ ./perl -v
$Header: perly.c,v 88/01/28 10:28:31 root Exp $
Patch level: 10

Below is the original README:

Perl Kit, Version 1.0

Copyright (c) 1987, Larry Wall

You may copy the perl kit in whole or in part as long as you don't try to
make money off it, or pretend that you wrote it.

Perl is a language that combines some of the features of C, sed, awk and shell.
See the manual page for more hype.

Perl will probably not run on machines with a small address space.

Please read all the directions below before you proceed any further, and
then follow them carefully. Failure to do so may void your warranty. :-)

After you have unpacked your kit, you should have all the files listed


1) Run Configure. This will figure out various things about your system.
Some things Configure will figure out for itself, other things it will
ask you about. It will then proceed to make config.h,, and

You might possibly have to trim # comments from the front of Configure
if your sh doesn't handle them, but all other # comments will be taken
care of.

(If you don't have sh, you'll have to copy the sample file config.H to
config.h and edit the config.h to reflect your system's peculiarities.)

2) Glance through config.h to make sure system dependencies are correct.
Most of them should have been taken care of by running the Configure script.

If you have any additional changes to make to the C definitions, they
can be done in the Makefile, or in config.h. Bear in mind that they will
get undone next time you run Configure.

3) make depend

This will look for all the includes and modify Makefile accordingly.
Configure will offer to do this for you.

4) make

This will attempt to make perl in the current directory.

5) make test

This will run the regression tests on the perl you just made.
If it doesn't say "All tests successful" then something went wrong.
See the README in the t subdirectory.

6) make install

This will put perl into a public directory (normally /usr/local/bin).
It will also try to put the man pages in a reasonable place. It will not
nroff the man page, however. You may need to be root to do this. If
you are not root, you must own the directories in question and you should
ignore any messages about chown not working.

7) Read the manual entry before running perl.

8) Go down to the x2p directory and do a "make depend, a "make" and a
"make install" to create the awk to perl and sed to perl translators.

9) IMPORTANT! Help save the world! Communicate any problems and suggested
patches to me, (Larry Wall), so we can
keep the world in sync. If you have a problem, there's someone else
out there who either has had or will have the same problem.

If possible, send in patches such that the patch program will apply them.
Context diffs are the best, then normal diffs. Don't send ed scripts--
I've probably changed my copy since the version you have.

Watch for perl patches in comp.sources.bugs. Patches will generally be
in a form usable by the patch program. If you are just now bringing up
perl and aren't sure how many patches there are, write to me and I'll
send any you don't have. Your current patch level is shown in patchlevel.h.