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title = "Sign In"
sign_in = "Sign In"
username = "Username"
username_placeholder = "Your username."
email = "Email"
email_placeholder = "Your email."
password = "Password"
password_placeholder = "Your password."
repeat_password_placeholder = "And the same one here."
remember_me = "Remember me"
title = "Register"
register = "Register"
not_allowed = "Registration not allowed"
successfull = Register succesfull
password = "Password"
password_placeholder = "Your nice password."
password_not_match = "Passwords doesn't match"
username_password_incorrect = "Invalid username or password"
username_been_taken = "Username already taken, sorry"
username_reserved = "Username reserved, please choose another username"
username_pattern_not_allowed = "Invalid username pattern"
save = "Save changes"
Email = "Email: "
Password = "Password: "
Description = "Description"
ExpiryHours = "Expiry"
UserName = "Username"
require_error = ` cannot be empty.`
alpha_dash_error = ` must be valid alpha or numeric or dash(-_) characters.`
alpha_dash_dot_error = ` must be valid alpha or numeric or dash(-_) or dot characters.`
alpha_dash_dot_slash_error = ` must be valid alpha or numeric or dash(-_) or dot characters or slashes.`
size_error = ` must be size %s.`
min_size_error = ` must contain at least %s characters.`
max_size_error = ` must contain at most %s characters.`
email_error = "Invalid email format"
url_error = ` is not a valid URL.`
include_error = ` must contain substring '%s'.`
in_error = " must be one of: %s"
unknown_error = Unknown error:
title = "User settings"
update_profile_success = "Profile saved successfully"
sidebar.profile = "Profile"
sidebar.ssh_keys = "SSH Keys"
sidebar.reset_password = "Reset Password"
title = "Profile settings"
you_are_admin = "You are admin."
unauthorized = Unauthorized
title = "New git.txt"
files_content_cannot_empty = "Content of files cannot be empty"
error_files_content = "Shouldn't be empty"
hash_been_taken = Hash already used
description_placeholder = "Description..."
file_filename_placeholder = "Filename with extension"
file_content_placeholder = "Content here."
save_private = "Save private"
save_public = "Save public"
add_new_file = "Add new file"
description = "Description"
expiry.never = "Never"
expiry.1h = "1h"
expiry.4h = "4h"
expiry.1d = "1d"
expiry.2d = "2d"
expiry.3d = "3d"
expiry.4d = "4d"
expiry.5d = "5d"
expiry.6d = "6d"
expiry.7d = "7d"
expiry.1m = "1m"
expiry.1y = "1y"
title = "View git.txt"
no_description = "No description."
show_uploads_for = "Show uploads for %s"
show_all_uploads = "Show all uploads"
edit = "Edit"
delete = "Delete"
expiry_on = "Expires on:"
created_on = "Created on:"
updated_on = "Updated on:"
raw_file = "raw file"
file_too_big = "File is too big and can't be displayed."
over_page_size = "Page size limit exceeded and file won't me displayed."
load_image = "Load image"
load_pdf = "Load PDF Viewer"
is_binary = "Can't display binary files."
file_not_found = "File not found"
title = "List of git.txts"
error_getting_list = Error while getting list of Gitxts
title = "Edit git.txt"
expiry = "Expiry:"
update.private = "Update private upload"
update.public = "Update public upload"
error_deleting = Error trying deletion of repository
error_init_repository = "Init repository error"
error_remove_repository = "Cannot remove repository"
could_not_open = "Could not open repository"
repo_corrupt_or_empty = "Repository corrupted or empty"
error_create_blob = "Error creating blob"
error_get_index = "Error getting Index"
error_add_entry = "Error adding entry"
error_index_write_tree = "Error while writing tree"
error_lookup_tree = "Error lookup tree"
error_get_head = "Error get head"
error_get_head_commit = "Error get head commit"
error_commit = "error commit"
cannot_get_tree_entries = "Cannot get repository Tree Entries"
dashboard.system_status = System Monitor Status
dashboard.title = Admin Dashboard
dashboard.server_uptime = Server Uptime
dashboard.current_goroutine = Current Goroutines
dashboard.current_memory_usage = Current Memory Usage
dashboard.total_memory_allocated = Total Memory Allocated
dashboard.memory_obtained = Memory Obtained
dashboard.pointer_lookup_times = Pointer Lookup Times
dashboard.memory_allocate_times = Memory Allocate Times
dashboard.memory_free_times = Memory Free Times
dashboard.current_heap_usage = Current Heap Usage
dashboard.heap_memory_obtained = Heap Memory Obtained
dashboard.heap_memory_idle = Heap Memory Idle
dashboard.heap_memory_in_use = Heap Memory In Use
dashboard.heap_memory_released = Heap Memory Released
dashboard.heap_objects = Heap Objects
dashboard.bootstrap_stack_usage = Bootstrap Stack Usage
dashboard.stack_memory_obtained = Stack Memory Obtained
dashboard.mspan_structures_usage = MSpan Structures Usage
dashboard.mspan_structures_obtained = MSpan Structures Obtained
dashboard.mcache_structures_usage = MCache Structures Usage
dashboard.mcache_structures_obtained = MCache Structures Obtained
dashboard.profiling_bucket_hash_table_obtained = Profiling Bucket Hash Table Obtained
dashboard.gc_metadata_obtained = GC Metadata Obtained
dashboard.other_system_allocation_obtained = Other System Allocation Obtained
dashboard.next_gc_recycle = Next GC Recycle
dashboard.last_gc_time = Since Last GC Time
dashboard.total_gc_time = Total GC Pause
dashboard.total_gc_pause = Total GC Pause
dashboard.last_gc_pause = Last GC Pause
dashboard.gc_times = GC Times
monitor.cron = Cron Tasks = Name
monitor.schedule = Schedule = Next Time
monitor.previous = Previous Time
monitor.execute_times = Execute Times
disable_register_mail = Sorry, email services are disabled. Please contact the site administrator.
forgot_password= Forgot Password
forget_password = Forgot password?
confirmation_mail_sent_prompt = A new confirmation email has been sent to <b>%s</b>, please check your inbox within the next %d hours to complete the registration process.
resent_limit_prompt = Sorry, you already requested an activation email recently. Please wait 3 minutes then try again.
send_reset_mail = Click here to (re)send your password reset email
reset_password = Reset Your Password
invalid_code = Sorry, your confirmation code has expired or not valid.
reset_password_helper = Click here to reset your password
password_too_short = Password length cannot be less then 6.
needs_password_reset = "Needs a password reset ?"
page_not_found = Page Not Found
internal_server_error = Internal Server Error
error_404_not_found = "Error: 404 not found"
app_version = "Application Version: %s"
if_error_app = "If you think this is an error with the application, please open an issue."
error_occured = "An error occured."
error_msg = "An error has occurred : %s"
activate_account = Please activate your account
activate_email = Verify your email address
reset_password = Reset your password
version = version
page = page
template = template
sources = Sources
gitxts = Gitxts
managed = managed
toggle_nav = Toggle navigation
new_gitxt = New git.txt
my_uploads = My uploads
settings = Settings
admin = Admin
logout = Logout
register = Register
login = Login
next = Next
previous = Previous