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git dot txt TODO list

Ways of improvement

TODO Merge AssignUser and AssignRepository ?

TODO blackfriday dependency update to 2.x, breaking changes

TODO xorm update, breaking changes

migrate to gorm ?

TODO Add line-break option

TODO Add more checks for <nil> fields wrongly used, like issue with non existant file

TODO If a binary file, or huge one is added from git, we get weird submit results and can't update from interface

DONE Non existant file in git for raw file: git_object_lookup_prefix: Assertion `repo && object_out && id' failed.

DONE Can't add files with filename "/some/thing/"

DONE Investigate the non-working context.Flash when not using a redirect

DONE Correctly handle filenames with a /, like raw view

DONE strip '/' from filenames

DONE _ shouldn't be stripped from filenames

DONE Creation date on gitxt view

DONE Count of current gitxt

DONE Count of total managed gitxt

DONE Show this on footer and admin