Host snippets with a git backend. Like Gists but OpenSource.
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It's a Pastebin where all pastes are backed in is own Git repository.

Current Features list

  • First registered user is automatically admin
  • User or Anonymous Gitxts
  • Archive download in Zip or TarGz of Gitxts repositories
  • Git pull over HTTP/S for all Gitxts
  • Git push over HTTP/S for user Gitxts (Using Basic Auth)
  • Text Highlighting with Highlight.JS
  • Size limit per individual file
  • Size limit for the whole page (only text files not over-size are counted)
  • Viewing RAW content of a file or download if binary type, a RAW Size Limit apply to whatever blob is wanted
  • Rendering of special types: Markdown, Images, PDF (via PDF.js)
  • Line Numbers for text files
  • Expiration time with internal cron for deletion
  • Binary or over-size files are excluded from Edit form in Web-UI, preserving them in the commit (they still can be deleted)

Planned Feature List

  • Display other rich texts
  • API for third party tools
  • More tests coverage


Install or build libgit2 0.27.x ONLY.
This might be painful, and you might need to download manually .deb on older systems.
You also needs libmagic
go get -v -insecure -u

Release build

Contact, issues

Sources used

I learned playing with Macaron/Xorm etc. from Gogs sources so lot of logic have been reused from Gogs.


MIT, Dashie for git.txt and Gogs contributors for reused Gogs parts.