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@ -29,14 +29,15 @@ It's a Pastebin where all pastes are backed in is own Git repository.
# Build
Install or build libgit2 0.25.x ONLY. NO Version less than 0.25 (hello Debian Stable) or higher.
Install or build libgit2 0.27.x ONLY.
This might be painful, and you might need to download manually .deb on older systems.
You also needs libmagic
go get -v -insecure -u
# Release build
- Get last release from
- You still need to install libgit2 0.25.x ONLY, and libmagic
- You still need to install libgit2 0.27.x ONLY, and libmagic
# Contact, issues
- Main contact: Dashie: dashie (at) sigpipe (dot) me