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My own asterisk image, built using Alpine and Asterisk is itself built from sources, this asterisk was made and configured to use a LUA dialplan.


  • /etc/asterisk [configuration]
  • /var/spool/asterisk [home of asterisk user]
  • /var/log/asterisk [logs...]

Make sure that your asterisk config doesn't do dynamic stuff inside /var/lib/asterisk as it contain install-time things and can't be mounted as a volume.

Like use astdbdir => /var/spool/asterisk instead of "lib".

No env vars, fill your own configuration using Volume or bind in advance before creating the container.

Asterisk will be running uder 'asterisk' user.

By default this user will use UUID 1000 and GUID 1000, his home directory is /var/spool/asterisk.

Use ENV variables ASTERISK_UUID and ASTERISK_GUID at creation to change them.

Connect to asterisk console :

docker exec -it asterisk -rvvvvvvv