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  • Python 3.8 (minimum !)
  • Nginx
  • PostgreSQL

Install - manual

We assume in here you are installing under the camgear user with default home directory /home/camgear, like by doing:

useradd -m -s /bin/bash camgear

API Backend

sudo su - camgear
git clone camgear
cd camgear
python3.8 -m virtualenv -p python3.8 venv
source venv/bin/activate
pip install --requirement requirements.txt
# For production environment
cp deploy/ .env
$EDITOR .env
# For local development see the other section
python collectstatic
# don't forget to run migrations
python migrate
# create a superuser
python createsuperuser

You can uses deploy/camgear-server.service for your systemd service.


See the file deploy/camgear-nginx.conf for a sample, don't forget you need all the location /xxx as the example to make it works.


For local development, you always needs to export DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE=config.settings.local to have the right config:

cp deploy/ .env
$EDITOR .env
export DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE=config.settings.local
python ...

Docker image build

docker build -t camgear -f Dockerfile


Look at release changes first if anything is needed.

sudo su - camgear
cd camgear
source venv/bin/activate
git pull
pip install -r requirements.txt
python migrate

Then restart your camgear-server service.

Install - docker image

You can use the Dockerfile to run Camgear.

See the file ./deploy/ for the list of ENV variables you can use for the container.

You can copy that env file, edit it, and use --env-file for docker run/exec too.

The volume for uploads is /uploads.

To migrate the database:

docker exec -it camgear python migrate

To create your superuser:

docker exec -it camgear python createsuperuser

Example build & run:

docker build -t camgear -f Dockerfile .
docker run --net=host --name camgear -it --rm --env-file .env -v /local/path/to/uploads:/uploads camgear:latest

Creating an user

Use the python createsuperuser command to create a super user.


  • MIT License