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  1. About

    Blusteromatic is a remote renderer for blender files. Just upload a blend file, configure it, and render it!

  2. Screenshot

    blusteromatic screenshot

  3. Features

  • Blend file upload
  • Nodes assignment based on render type and engine
  • Multiple render per job
  • Single or Animation support
  • Support for custom blender-python file
  • Support for any render engine supported by blender
  1. Installation

    We are assuming the following infos about the installation:

  • Node and dispatcher installed under the same user : "blusteromatic"
  • Nginx will be used, and the dispatcher run under unicorn
  • RVM will be used for the ruby
    1. Prerequirements
    # = root
    $ = under 'blusteromatic'
    # useradd -m -s /bin/bash blusteromatic
    # sudo su - blusteromatic
    Install RVM : with a ruby-1.9.x
     $ echo 'export RAILS_ENV=production' >> .bash_profile 
     $ cd
     $ git clone git://
     $ cd blusteromatic/server
     $ bundle install
     Create the 'config/database.yml' file.
     $ rake db:create db:migrate
     $ rake assets:clean assets:precompile
     $ rake tmp:create
    1. Unicorn / nginx
     $ cd ~/blusteromatic/
     $ cp misc/unicorn.rb ~/
     Edit unicorn.rb according to your options (ruby version, paths)
     # cp /home/blusteromatic/blusteromatic/misc/nginx_blusteromatic /etc/nginx/sites-availables/
     # ln -s /etc/nginx/sites-availables/nginx_blusteromatic /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/nginx_blusteromatic 
     Edit /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/nginx_blusteromatic with your options
    1. Node
     # apt-get install screen
     # sudo su - blusteromatic
     $ screen
     $ cd blusteromatic/node-ruby
     $ bundle install
     Create the config.yml file
     $ ruby node.rb
     Ctrl-a d to detach screen, etc... See manpage for screen.
  1. License

  • Blusteromatic is licensed under the MIT license.
  • node-ruby is licensed under the MIT license.
  1. Contact

    Rhaamo : rhaamo at sigpipe dot me