Electronic stock management. -- not updated anymore
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Install PostgreSQL
Makes sure that encoding is/will be in UNICODE/UTF-8
-> https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/PostgreSQL#Change_default_encoding_of_new_databases_to_UTF-8
git clone http://dev.sigpipe.me/dashie/StockazNG
cd StockazNG
git submodule init
git submodule update
pip install --requirement requirements.txt --allow-external PIL --allow-unverified PIL
or apt-get install python-imaging python-pil # PIL is tricky with jpeg...
pip install psycopg2
cp config.py.sample config.py
$EDITOR config.py
python stockazng.py db upgrade
python stockazng.py db_seed
python stockazng.py mkdirs
python stockazng.py runserver # or whatever gunicorn whatever stuff


gunicorn -w 2 -b --error-logfile=errors.log --access-logfile=access.log --chdir=$PWD stockazng:app


*/5 * * * * cd ~/stockazng/ && python stockazng.py cron_cache > /dev/null
*/5 * * * * cd ~/stockazng/ && python stockazng.py cron_thumbs > /dev/null



  • TODO After release
  • How to add parts to projects
  • Projects reports (exports in CSV and Json)
  • One click “print barcode”
  • Add printing view for storage map
  • Add barcodes to storage map
  • Octopart integration for Parameters


If stuck on “Set all parts without tags to “untagged” for tags_slug”, runs :

  • python stockazng.py db upgrade 2396a54ec5
  • python stockazng.py db upgrade 55103a380b
  • python stockazng.py db upgrade

And it should pass.