The Common Desktop Environment, the classic UNIX desktop
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This is the release history file for CDE. It will detail each
release version and date, along with the highlights of the release.
For more detailed information on changes between any given release,
use 'git log', or peruse the commit history at:
# 2.2.4 06/19/2016
This release incorporates several fixes for newer operating systems
(linux and the BSD's primarily). It also removes the requirement to
build with Xp (X Print extension), which is no longer supported. As
usual, many warnings and bugs were also fixed.
Here's the shortlog:
Douglas Carmichael (2):
Patches to enable compilation on OpenBSD 5.7/FreeBSD 10.1.
Changed memcpy() to memmove() to stop coredumping on OpenBSD 5.7.
Giacomo Comes (2):
Use /var/spool instead of /usr/spool on linux
call fclose(infile) after print_progress()
Isaac Dunham (1):
programs/dtappintegrate: make PATH include /bin.
Jon Trulson (6):
ksh: fix up shipin for more modern systems WRT test and wc
dtlogin: use XDM authentication instead of MIT/DES on linux
ttcp: fix missing arg to fprintf
dbtoman: fix missing arg to fprintf
dtappbuilder: replace accidental %a with %% in write_func_as_strings()
contrib: some enhancements to the scrotps provided by Edmond Orignac
Pascal de Bruijn (2):
dtlogin: don't use crypt(3) on openbsd
dtlogin: openbsd build fix
Peter Howkins (3):
Disable all code related to libXp deprecated and mostly no longer included on current OSes
dtstyle: backdrops, allow jpg/png if motif supports it add file extensions to all types but .pm/.bm. This lets XmGetPixmap() load them.
dtstyle: remove some accidentally commited debug code
Ulrich Wilkens (3):
Fix FreeBSD 10.2 build
Fix dtinfo document build on OpenBSD
dtlogin: FreeBSD build fix
alx (14):
dtsession: fixed errorlog rotation
dtfile: fixed double free in copy/move collision handler
dticon: KeySym is not char
dtfile: 0 is not NULL
dtfile: fixed file view scrolling with Page Up/Down keys
dtfile: fixed ambiguity in the translation table
DtWidget: added appropriate KeyPress event handler to DtIcon widget
DtWidget: resolved some compiler warnings
dtfile: Enable FILE_MAP_OPTIMIZE on FreeBSD. This avoids unnecessary tt_file_netfile calls on local host.
dtlogin: Enable XDM authentication on FreeBSD
dtsession: Enable X11 screensaver extension on FreeBSD
dtwm: 0 is not NULL
dtwm: Resolved some compiler warnings
dtfile: Enable FILE_MAP_OPTIMIZE on Linux. This avoids unnecessary tt_file_netfile calls on local host.
# 2.2.3 05/09/2015
This release incorporates several hundred fixes identified by various
Coverity scans and patches supplied by users. In addition,
OpenIndiana/OpenSolaris support was significantly enhanced thanks to
Ulrich Wilkens, and a few hundred compiler warnings were squashed.
There is also a new default CDE logo :)
Here is the shortlog:
Edmond ORIGNAC (1):
Fix dtprintinfo parser
Isaac Dunham (1):
contrib/rc/linux/dtlogin: Make the init script work.
Johannes von Rotz (1):
Let "make World" run through on OpenBSD
Jon Trulson (63):
contrib/rc/freebsd: Add FreeBSD start script from Douglas Carmichael
Add new Dtlogo from Jeff Pierquet. Original renamed to
dtmail: MotifCmds.C: NULL is not False
ttsnoop: NULL is not 0
Revert "ttsnoop: NULL is not 0"
dtappbuilder/dtcodegen: Fix up some warnings, remove use of sys_errlist[].
dthelp: fixup some warnings with special.h(s)
dttypes: use regex on linux too.
dtappbuilder: abmf.c: more warnings killed
it_IT.ISO8859-1/types/_common.dt.tmsg: Apply manual one-line patch
DtHelp: Coverity (memory corruption)
DtSvc: Coverity (memory corruption)
DtSvc: Coverity (memory corruption)
DtTerm: Coverity (memory corruption)
DtWidget: Coverity (memory corruption)
ttauth: Coverity (memory corruption)
dtappbuilder: Coverity (memory corruption)
dtsession: Coverity (memory corruption)
dtsession: Coverity (memory corruption)
imake: Coverity (memory corruption, moderate)
DtHelp: Coverity (memory corruption, moderate)
DtHelp: Coverity (memory corruption, moderate)
DtSearch: remove bogus debug block
DtSvc: Coverity (memory corruption, moderate)
DtSvc/DtEncap: Coverity (memory corruption, moderate)
DtSvc/DtUtil1: Coverity (memory corruption, moderate)
DtSvc/DtUtil2: Coverity (memory corruption, moderate)
DtTerm: Coverity (memory corruption, moderate)
DtTerm: Coverity (memory corruption, moderate)
csa: Coverity (memory corruption, moderate)
ttauth: Coverity (memory corruption, moderate)
ttsession: Coverity (memory corruption, moderate)
tt/mini_isam: Coverity (memory corruption, moderate)
tt/mini_isam: Coverity (memory corruption, moderate)
dtcalc: Coverity (memory corruption, moderate)
dtcalc: Coverity (memory corruption, moderate)
dtlogin: Coverity (memory corruption, moderate)
dtlogin: Coverity (memory corruption, moderate)
dtprintinfo: Coverity (memory corruption, moderate)
dtscreen: Coverity (memory corruption, moderate)
dtsession: Coverity (memory corruption, moderate)
dtwm/PopUpMenu: Coverity (memory corruption, moderate)
dtwm/WmFP: Coverity (memory corruption, moderate)
dtlogin/xdmcp: fixup many warnings and a possible declaration bug
DtXinerama: no need to check unsigned int < 0 (CID:86121)
Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
dtsession/SmGlobals: fixup 17 coverity issues.
dtsession/SmCommun: fix bogus check (CID 89326)
dtsession/SmDB: error handling issues (CID 87778, 87926)
dtsession/SmLock: potential null deref (CID 87561, 87957, 88181)
dtsession/SmGlobals: use of tainted string (CID 89450)
dtsession/SmGlobals: unlink mkstemp generated files.
dtsession/SmGlobals: re-add smGD.savePath to generated paths, was lost in mkstemp changes.
dtsession/SmRestore: fixup 8 coverity issues.
dtsession/SmRestore: redo defaultCwd detection in StartClient() to be safer
dtsession/SmSave: get rid of use of tempnam (CID 89359)
dtsession/SmSave: use absolute path to rm in system()
dtsession/SmUI: fix tainted var (CID 88216)
dtsession/SrvFile_io: fix CID's 88299 and 89441
dtsession/SrvPalette: fix CID 89227
Merge branch 'coverity_dtsession'
dtscreen: don't use old version of round() on linux either
cde: change revision to 2.2.3
Matthew Howkins (3):
libtt: Fix 'Missing return statement' errors detected by static analysis
libtt: Fix some uninitialized variables detected by Coverity
libtt: Change to standard function prototypes in ttauth. Fix some compiler warnings by adding #includes
Peter Howkins (53):
dtlogin: start to resolve static analysis warnings
libDtWidget: Resolve some static analyser warnings
dtlogin: Resolve 27 compiler warnings
dtlogin: resolve 8 compiler warnings.
dtlogin: resolve more static analysis warnings
Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
dtcalc: resolve 13 compiler warnings on 64 bit builds.
dsdm: resolve coverity warnings CID 86139 86255 86331 86345 86418 86517 86526 86567 86590 86616
dsdm: convert k&r function declarations to ansi, and correct the warnings this then uncovered.
dtaction: resolve 2 compiler warnings.
dtwm: resolve 92 compiler warnings (related to 64 bit pointer to int coversions)
dtstyle: resolve 30 compiler warnings.
dtsr: resolve all 12 compiler warnings.
dtmail: Resolve 50 compiler warnings.
dtdocbook: resolve 49 compiler warnings.
dticon: resolve 3 compiler warnings
dtfile: resolve 19 compiler warnings.
dtmail: add a stdint.h include for openbsd, as reported by Daniel Diaz via the wiki.
dtstyle: Fix CID 100252
dtcm: Resolve 303 compiler warnings.
dtpad: Resolve 7 compiler warnings.
dthello: Resolve 8 compiler warnings that would be introduced with -Wall
libDtHelp: Resolve 11 compiler warnings.
libDtPrint: Resolve the 1 remaining compiler warning.
libDtSvc: Resolve 28 compiler warnings.
dtscreen: convert K&R prototypes to ansi C
dtcm: Resolve CID 87384
dtcm: Resolve CID 87408
dtcm: Resolve CID 87562
dtcm: Resolve CID 87713
dtcm: Resolve CID 87801
dtcm: Resolve CID 87822
dtcm: Resolve CID 87983
dtcm: Resolve CID 88003
dtfile: Resolve CID 87308
dtfile: Resolve CID 87776. OkCallback is of type XtCallbackProc, it doesn't return one
dtfile: Resolve CID 88133, 88261
dtfile: Resolve CID 88199
dtfile: Resolve CID 89319
dtfile: Resolve CID 89009
dtfile: Resolve CID 88830
dtfile: Resolve CID 89277
dtprintinfo: Resolve CID 87253
dtudcfonted: Resolve CID 86153
dtudcfonted: Resolve CID 86232
dtudcfonted: Resolve CID 86389
dtudcfonted: Resolve CID 86280
dtudcfonted: Resolve CID 86328
dtudcfonted: Resolve CID 86391
dtudecfonted: Resolve CID 86417
dtudcfonted: Resolve CID 86495
dtudcfonted: Resolve CID 86547
dtudcfonted: Resolve CID 86560
Stuart Brady (1):
DtTerm: fix formatted text in history buffer
Ulrich Wilkens (7):
Fix panel right click
Resolve many build warnings
OpenIndiana and Solaris port
Fix FreeBSD 10.1 build
Support for new Solaris/OpenIndiana versions
Fix broken build on OpenBSD
Remove warnings on Linux with glibc 2.20
alx (1):
dtcopy: Fix file removal
# 2.2.2 07/27/2014
A lot of fixes and improvements in this release. CDE can be built on
more modern Linuxes and BSDs. An initial stab at illimios support is
also present.
Here is the shortlog:
Eugene Doudine (7):
Fixes the bug #17 dtsession can't validate passwords longer than 8 characters when the session is locked
Fixed bug #27 dtfile space handling bug
Fixed bug #32 dtfile table formatting bug with non-latin filenames
Fixes the off-by-one bug in RegisterInGrid(), which caused dtfile's desktop icons on the right edge of the screen (if desktop width is not a multiple of icon with) to be registered on the next workspace or (in the case of the last workspace) beyond the desktop_grid array (possibly causing segfaults).
Fixes several issues with grid registration of the dtwm panel on dtfile startup and on workspace addition:
Fixes a small bug in grid registration: when an object is placed over another object (can be done manually) and then removed from there, the registration of the covered object is removed as well (that is it's cell is considered empty).
Fixes the bug, which caused dtterm to show stripes of wrong color between text lines when using fontsets that include fonts of slightly different heights.
Jon Trulson (52):
update HISTORY file for 2.2.1, though a little too late :)
building_release_archive: add some steps and clean up
linux depend: stop using makedepend, use gcc instead
libDtTerm: add include <stdio.h> so FILE is properly defined.
linux: Use installed X11 header files rather than requiring /imports/x11/include
nsgmls: fix up some gcc 4.8 warnings. fix typo and some formatting.
linux: move dependancy handling out of and into new lnxDep.rules file.
mp_rpc_server.C: limit iteration of svc_fdset to FD_SETSIZE, as per spec.
dtdocbook/instant: *always* link with local libtcl.a
dtpad: stub out XmPrint stuff if there is no XmPrint support.
dtmail: stub out XmPrint stuff if there is no XmPrint support.
dtcm: stub out XmPrint stuff if there is no XmPrint support.
dtinfo: stub out XmPrint stuff if there is no XmPrint support.
linux: libDtSearch requires linking with -lm
libcsa: fix up some stupidness.
tt_xdr_utils.h: fix build error on linux/bsd introduced with illumos initial patch.
Updated Greek (el_GR.UTF-8) translations from Antonis Tsolomitis.
PrintTopics.c: fix up some warnings
pax.h: include stdio.h
getdate.y: include string.h
Icon.c: include stdlib.h
localized/util/merge.h: include string.h and fix up some warnings
Threads.C: NULL is not 0
MotifUI.C: NULL is not 0
dtcm/server/: just return NULL, not the address of a dummy local variable. Geez.
cleanup: eliminate "implicit declaration" warnings. turn off writable strings warnings (write-strings)
linux: build with thread safety and REENTRANT enabled.
dtcm/reminders.c: NULL is not 0
dtcm/rfp.c: NULL is not 0
cleanup: eliminate missing sentinel warnings
xtclient.c, spcd_event.c: stop referencing fds_bits directly with fds_bits fixes, stop using _POSIX_C_SOURCE=199309L and _XOPEN_SOURCE defines
xtclient.c: fix debug statement regarding fd number
dtsession: screensaver don't pass random attributes to XScreenSaverSetAttributes()
InterruptibleCmd.C, WorkingDialogManager.C: NULL is not 0
AttachArea.C: NULL is not 0, sprintf needs a format
RoamInterruptibleCmd.C: NULL is not 0
RoamMenuWindow.C: NULL is not 0
SendMsgDialog.C: NULL is not 0
WMSaveSession.C: NULL is not 0
ttsnoop.C.src: NULL is not 0
dtappbuilder: bil_store.c: don't return local variables
fr_FR.ISO8859-1/types/_common.dt.tmsg: Fix up a couple of backslash errors.
contrib/: add vcal2xapia from Edmond Orignac
Added additional info to vcal2xapia/README
contrib/: add desktop2dt from Isaac Dunham
el_GR _common.dt.tmsg: fix corrupted msg line at line 1763
site.def: create new DtDocLocalesToBuild define
Version change to 2.2.2
Fixup UDB databases to fix a problem introduced with FreeBSD 10 patch.
Peter Tribble (1):
initial illumos port
Ulrich Wilkens (4):
Fix dtfile and dtterm on NetBSD
Fix cpp output on Ubuntu 13
Fix dtinfo search engine
FreeBSD 10 clang port
alx (2):
dtstyle: enable palette editor on true/direct color screens
DtWidget: Don't free random pointer on Control widget destruction
# 2.2.1 03/01/2014
- Forgot to update this file for the release. Oops. At any rate,
only the git shortlogs for each release will be listed here in the
Eugene Doudine (5):
Bugfix for #9 Cut off fonts in titles
Fix for several segfaults in dtwm that happen with UTF-8 locale and were caused by unckeked XmeRenderTableGetDefaultFont return value
Fixes segfault in dtprintinfo when used UTF-8 locale, bug was caused by unchecked return value of XmeRenderTableGetDefaultFont()
addition of en_US.UTF-8 locale: fonts.alias and fonts.dir files
Addition of the en_US.UTF-8 locale: installation support
Isaac Dunham (2):
dtlogin: use proper path to getty and /usr/local/bin in path on Linux
Add -quiet option to dtlogin.
Jon Trulson (9):
dtinfogen_worker: don't free variables then use them later.
Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
Add dtwm.mgg Greek UTF translation from Antonis Tsolomitis
dtexec: fix a case on linux where an infinite loop could occur.
dtexec: use proper FD_CLOEXEC rather than a hardcoded 1
Fix for xorg-xkb partially freezes dtwm when keyboard layout is changed.
Re-add NO_DTINFO blocks removed in NetBSD port patch
admin: add a BuildNotes dir for documenting release proceedures, etc
Version change to 2.2.1
Pascal Stumpf (22):
Kill lots of warnings in DtSvc.
Kill most warnings in lib/DtTerm.
Do not use -fpermissive in programs/nsgmls. It's not needed.
sync warning flags betseen cc and c++ on OpenBSD
kill a few more warnings in DtPrint
Silence lots of warnings in lib/DtHelp.
Do not hardcode /usr/dt in print.dt.
Xreset.src: Do not hardcode /usr/dt.
s,/usr/dt,CDE_INSTALLATION_TOP,g in dtlogin/config
Simplify programs/Imakefile a bit. dtksh, dtlogin and dtcm build everywhere.
Adapt dtlogin/config/_common.ksh.src for OpenBSD:
error.ds.src: don't hardcode /usr/dt
SECURITY fix for dtappintegrate: Use mktemp(1) to generate a template.
Kill iostream.h deprecation warnings on *BSD.
ttsnoop: deal with iostream.h and missing sentinels. don't include (leftover)
Make dtksh build on OpenBSD/powerpc.
include unistd.h for read(2) prototype. Fixes dtdocbook on PowerPC.
dtlogin: correct path to getty.
dtlp: Fix the path to DtFuncs.dtsh if CDE_INSTALLATION_TOP != /usr/dt.
Do not install symlinks to libraries on OpenBSD.
Fix dtcm build on OpenBSD-current.
Peter Howkins (2):
dtstyle: Alphabetically sort the backdrops in the backdrop list.
dtstyle: Resolve 70 compiler warnings
Ulrich Wilkens (16):
lib/DtHelp: added missing include.
avoid identical Vector instantiations.
Remove installation of motif man pages.
dtinfo subdirectory DtMmdb
dtinfo subdirectory dtinfo
dtinfo subdirectory dtinfogen
dtinfo subdirectory mmdb
documents for dtinfo
dtinfo other files
dtinfo activation
No symlinks to libraries on OpenBSD (default install)
correction of message files
Introduction of BSDArchitecture
NetBSD port
Fix for dtinfo segfaults
Fix UTF8 problem on non-linux systems
alx (4):
dticon: fixed "rubber string" drawing on high/true color displays
dtfile: fclose called twice on same handle
dtscreen: cosmic flame fractals missing drawing code
wwl: fixed dtinfo segfault due to missing copy constructor in WArgList
# 2.2.0d (beta) 05/30/2013
- We are being bold this time, and promoting CDE to Beta.
- More work on dtinfo. It now mostly compiles but is not quite ready
for prime time. It is not built be default.
- dtksh now builds on linux systems.
- We do not build Motif man pages anymore.
- X11 screensaver extension support now works in dtsession on Linux.
- Some screen locking issues on the BSD's have been fixed.
- /usr/sbin/sendmail is now the default mailer on OpenBSD
- Basic support for Xinerama has been added to dtlogin and dtsession
using a new DtXinerama library.
- Resolve many more more compiler warnings
# 2.2.0c (alpha) 10/4/2012
- Many 64b issues have been fixed, related to XtVaGetValues(), missing
prototypes, erroneous assumptions regarding the size of ints and
pointers, etc. Many still lurk in the shadows.
- help files should build now on 64b systems with compiler
optimization enabled.
- FreeBSD is pretty much fully functional now. OpenBSD and NetBSD are
close behind.
- FreeBSD uses a authorized FreeBSD Foundation specific logo on
- a few hundred more compiler warnings fixed :)
- more missing prototypes added to XmPrivate.h
# 2.2.0b (alpha) 9/6/2012
- This release incoporates approximately 200 patches from various
people around the planet.
- initial BSD (OpenBSD, FreeBSD) support.
- wider support for various Linux distributions - Redhat, Arch,
Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu. See a full list of currently operational
platforms and their statuses at:
- many fixes to better support 64b systems. There is still much work
needed in this regard.
- most modules are operational. dtinfo is not operational on any
platform yet. dtksh is not yet operational on linux systems.
- several thousand compiler warnings have been addressed.
Unfortunately, there are still several thousand more waiting :(
Some of this code is *old*.
# 2.2.0a (alpha) 8/6/2012
- This is the initial release of CDE form The Open Group based on
Minimal changes to get it compiling on some common linux distros,
primarily 32bit.