Amiga 2000 revision 6.2 motherboard re-done in KiCAD.
Schematics and PCB done, and working, see README for notes.
WARNING: stability issue with Wicher 500i, could be noise related from accelerator speed.
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#!/usr/bin/env python3
import re, os, sys
#monster = re.compile("^Text GLabel (?P<posx>[\d]+) (?P<posy>[\d]+) (?P<orientation>[\d]+)(?:[\s]+)(?P<dimension>[\d]+)(?:[\s]+)(?P<shape>[\w]+) (?:.*)$\n^(?P<text>.+)$", re.MULTILINE)
monster = re.compile("^Text GLabel (?P<posx>[\d]+)(?:[\s]+)(?P<posy>[\d]+)(?:[\s]+)(?P<orientation>[\d]+)(?:.*)$\n^(?P<text>.+)$", re.MULTILINE)
labels = {}
if len(sys.argv) <= 1:
print(f"Usage: {sys.argv[0]} file1 file2 file3...")
for f in sys.argv[1:]:
with open(f, 'r') as ff:
labels[f] = {}
labels[f]['raw'] = monster.findall("".join(ff.readlines()))
for f in labels:
ls = labels[f]['raw']
lls = list(set([a[-1] for a in ls]))
labels[f]['labels'] = lls
print(f"{f}: {', '.join(lls)}")