pyAirwaves is an ADS-B and AIS processing, storage (planned), and display application with Leaflets integration.
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#!/usr/bin/env python
import config
from libPyAirwaves.structs import AisType
import pyais
import redis
import json
import time
count_failed_connection = 0
max_failed_connection = 10
redis = redis.from_url(config.REDIS_URL)
pubsub = redis.pubsub()
def broadcast(msg: pyais.messages.NMEAMessage):
is_fragmented = msg.count > 1
# if is_fragmented:
# print("Fragmented packet:", msg)
# else:
# print("Single packet:", msg)
ais_message = AisType()
ais_message.entryPoint = "airwaves_ais_client"
ais_message.ourName = config.PYAW_HOSTNAME
ais_message.srcName = config.AIS_SOURCE["name"]
ais_message.srcLat = config.AIS_SOURCE["lat"]
ais_message.srcLon = config.AIS_SOURCE["lon"]
ais_message.srcPosMode = config.AIS_SOURCE["posMode"]
ais_message.dataOrigin = "rtl-ais"
ais_message.raw = msg.raw.decode("utf-8")
ais_message.payload ="utf-8")
ais_parsed = msg.decode()
if is_fragmented:
ais_message.isAssembled = True
# Populate the structure from parsed VDM
# Valid message and emit if lat/lon are present
# if and ais_message.lon:
# print(ais_message.to_dict())
redis.publish("room:vehicles", json.dumps(ais_message.to_dict()))
if __name__ == "__main__":
while True:
for msg in pyais.TCPStream(config.AIS_SOURCE["host"], port=config.AIS_SOURCE["port"]):
decoded_message = msg.decode()
except Exception as e:
print("Got an exception, reconnecting...", e)