pyAirwaves is an ADS-B and AIS processing, storage (planned), and display application with Leaflets integration.
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# Redis configuration for the ingesters<>backend pubsub
REDIS_URL = "redis://"
# Hostname on where this server is running
PYAW_HOSTNAME = 'potato'
# Sources for ADS-B and AIS, PLEASE NOTE that currently only one source is handled for each !
# Port for ADSB (dump1090) needs to be 30003 (SBS BaseStation)
# Port for AIS (rtl-ais) needs to be 10110
# See docs/ for the value of (src)PosMode
# Please note that the lat/lon of sources is public, you might want to use a lat/lon a bit away from your real location, or use town center, etc.
ADSB_SOURCE = {"host": "patate", "port": 30003, "name": "patate", "posMode": 0, "lon": None, "lat": None, "reconnect_delay": 5, "thread_timeout": 30}
AIS_SOURCE = {'host': 'patate', 'port': 10110, "name": "patate", "posMode": 0, "lon": None, "lat": None, "reconnect_delay": 5, "thread_timeout": 30}
# Do not touch that