pyAirwaves is an ADS-B and AIS processing, storage (planned), and display application with Leaflets integration.
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pyAirwaves, realtime planes and boats display on map with rtl-sdr

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This project is licensed under AGPL v3, except a few files in js and css which are GPL v3 from AirSuck project. See LICENSE.other file.

What is it

This project use the AirSuck frontend with new features, improvements and uses Leaflets maps.

The entire backend haven't been kept and then entirely write from scratch.

pyAirwaves will use dump1090 and rtl-ais daemons to send real-time display of airplanes and boards to a maps for display.

Some more features will be available like airplane picture, company, and statistics.


  • redis server
  • postgresql >= 10 (should work with lower but you are on your own)
  • python >= 3.6
  • elixir >= 1.5
  • at least 5G of disk space on the server running nginx (tile caching)
  • an ADSB source (dump1090)
  • an AIS source (rtl-ais)


See docs/


  • will connect to dump1090
  • will connect to rtl-ais
  • instead of connecting to a remote dump1090, it will replay 15minutes of ADS-B datas
  • instead of connecting to a remote dump1090, it will replay three planes looping somewhere in the USA
  • instead of connecting to a remote rtl-ais, it will replay a few minutes of AIS datas
  • installation/*.service systemd services files for the daemons and production server


Various docs can be found in the docs/ folder.