pyAirwaves is an ADS-B and AIS processing, storage (planned), and display application with Leaflets integration.
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Various copyrights or sources.
Picture 'static/css/images/ship.svg':
Creative Commons
Picture 'static/css/images/plane.svg':
Public Domain
Files imported from AirSuck ( (not exhaustive but they have a header) :
- templates/home.jinja2
- static/css/sidebar.css
- static/js/airsuckLoad.js
- static/js/config.js
- static/js/core/sidebar.js
- static/js/core/messages.js
- static/js/core/map_init.js
- static/js/vehicles/airADSB.js
- static/js/vehicles/airAIS.js
- static/js/vehicles/vehicle.js