pyAirwaves is an ADS-B and AIS processing, storage (planned), and display application with Leaflets integration.
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All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

The format is based on Keep a Changelog.



  • AIS Messages logging
  • ADSB Message logging
  • Receiver/source coverage page
  • AIS and ADSB quick stats page


  • Breaking: Backend rewritten from python to Elixir
  • Frontend: Markers out of the current displayed map bounds are dropped when received
  • Renamed srcPosMeta to srcPosMode
  • Map now uses the RRZE tile server for SD/HD maps
  • Breaking: Nginx config now has cache for RRZE tile server, highly recommended to setup!
  • Bogus lat/lon are not processed anymore



  • AIS Support
  • A bunch of missing indexes
  • Help in top left header
  • Bootstrap library
  • Proper Logging support in frontend javascript
  • Day/Night overlay switch
  • Markers change color to grey when halflife is reached before deletion
  • Scale on bottom-left of the map
  • Leaflet hash handling in URL for hotlinking URLs
  • Leaflet "Locate Me" control
  • Proper /about page
  • Ship MMSI always shown in extra infos


  • Breaking: Services files now uses gunicorn for production, please update according to installation/pyairwaves-*.service and installation/nginx.conf
  • Javascript libraries updated
  • Maps changed from B&W OSM to only OSM ones plus ESRI World View
  • Cleanup some unused python libs
  • airSSR & airAIS, headings etc. are now fixed to two decimals
  • Resized down the boat icon
  • Plane icon is now on coordinates instead of aside
  • Markers trail is now hiden by default
  • Canvas bounding box of Plane and Boat have been reduced to bigger-length of extremities of the icon plus a small margin
  • Header now uses bootstrap
  • Removed old sidebar, superseeded by the new v2
  • CORS are now forced to uses the config value
  • Zoom controls migrated to the sidebar
  • Moved version from header to help menu
  • SSR renamed to ADSB


  • Debug/console.log cleanups
  • lastClientName and lastSrc report properly
  • shipTypeMeta now reported
  • aircraft idInfo is an unknown field, set it at default so it is ignored by frontend
  • Debug input message correctly shown or not