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squeaky otter 1 year ago
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Some short ISSUES log/infos
- Some planes doesn't have a lat/lon
google maps accepted creating a marker without lat/lon or null but not leaflet
but, some vehicles with lat/lon aren't trigger correctly
vehicles[vehName] seems to have lat and lon but in handleMessage it's triggered in the else { no lat / lon}
-> can't reproduce with console debugger in browser :(
so it spawn errors "Cannot read property 'setIcon' of null" in movePosition.
because this.marker is null / not created
my idea is that at some point the marker isn't created because of lat/lon missing.
- no pos -> then pos, no marker, sidebar toggle row dont work
- Change fill colors of markers
active blue
selected yellow
idle grey
- Expiration timer: grey-ish old markers before deletion
- Better planes icons
- javascript cleanup needed
### new backend
enum sourcePositionReporting { manual, gps_manual, gps_auto } (auto unsupported yet)
Coverage plot
-> need source lat/lon
on every packet received calculate the distance src{lat,lon}->vehicle{lat,lon}
round the bearing, 123.4 -> 123, on the degree
save and replace {:distance} a %source_plot{:source_id, :distance, :bearing}
add last sync timestamp