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Other code

  • There is code from KLOG ( used in QtHamTools.
  • KLOG is a GPLv3 software, source code can be get from (
  • Exhaustive list of what i've take/inspired from him :
    • CTY download/parsing (Was previously using some DXCC stuff from the net splitted in three tables)
    • ADIF import/export (i was first using my own "Crap Adif" library, will see his one !)
    • Some database things (software version / upgrade idea, i've wrote my own implementation of that idea)


  • QtHamTools is under MIT license.
  • Some parts comes from GPL(v3) software which are listed in the above section


You need to clone -r recursively or git submodule init / update after clone.

  • Developped under Mac OSX
  • Build and run confirmed under Windows
  • All with Qt5 (Editor/Designer) and included compilers (at least for Windows)


  • Put sat and power in bdd; Add relation to them
  • Deletion of preferences rig table
  • Window view of all DXCC stuff
  • Window with band list / limits + number of QSO per band
  • Greyline stuff
  • Stats window (bands, modes, distances, time)
  • Beam orientations / distances
  • Python server for multi-clients sync

Building - All platforms

  • Open with QtDesigner
  • Right click on "QWidgetMap" -> "build"
  • Then you can build QtHamTools project

Building - Windows

  • Do NOT build with MingW, it will NOT RUN, QWidgetMap have been designed only for MSVC...
  • Build with MSVC 2013 at least. (Available with Visual Studio Community 2015)

Building (GDAL part)

  • On OSX it's needed to do
    • ln -s /usr/local/Cellar/gdal/1.11.3_1/include /usr/local/Cellar/gdal/1.11.3_1/include/gdal
  • Add in QWidgetMap/src/QWidgetMap.pri
    • CONFIG += with-gdal
    • INCLUDEPATH += "/usr/local/Cellar/gdal/1.11.3_1/include" # or whatever path is "gdal/*.h"
    • The INCLUDEPATH should be useless on Linux
  • In QWidgetMap/src/QWidgetMap/ change line 130 to
    • unix:LIBS += -L/usr/local/Cellar/gdal/1.11.3_1/lib/ -lgdal
    • or without -L/some/path for unix since it will be default path, like
    • unix:LIBX += -lgdal
  • Anyway it builds, runs but nothing really tested so far


screenshot screenshot