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Dashie Keys

DIY Work in progress of my own keyboard using a Teensy 2.0++ and Cherry MX keys.


Qty Value Package Parts Description
92 1N4148 1206 D1 to D92 100V 0.15A standard switching diode
2 Conn_01x04 Socket_Strip_Straight_1x04_Pitch2.54mm J2 J3 Generic connector, single row, 01x04
1 Conn_01x02 Socket_Strip_Straight_1x02_Pitch2.54mm J1 Generic connector, single row, 01x02
92 SW_Push SW_Cherry_MX1A_1.00u_PCB SW1 to SW92 Cherry MX switches
88 Cherry Caps SW1 to SW92 except SW42, 48, 55, 70 Cherry MX '1u' caps
3 Cherry Caps SW42, 48, 55 Cherry MX '2u' vertical caps
1 Cherry Caps SW70 Cherry MX '6.25u' spacebar cap
5 SW_Push SW_PUSH_6mm SW96 to SW100 Push button switch, generic
1 Teensy 2.0++ U1 Teensy 2.0++ only


The schematics does have row1 to row8 but in fact the PCB is, from top to bottom: row8, row1 ... row7.

The schematics haven't been updated for this change, which have been done while routing the board, the bottom row was put on the top for a better layout arrangement, sorry.

The keyboard-layout json and builder reflects properly this change.

PD6 does have the builtin LED, causing some issues.

Cut track between D6 and the switch pin and connect that pin to E0.

E0 is pin number 11 from the right when you have the side with keys in front of you.

See docs/track_fix.jpg for visual.

PCB Revisions


See tag v1 for this revision.

This is the first one I made, some issues, but without too much impact if you are careful:

  • D48 is close to MK5 and may touch
  • lot of vias for ground plane stitching are very close to diodes or plated holes
  • D_1206 from KiCad libraries are made for reflow soldering, a bit tricky by hand, but it can be done slowly and carefuly


In pcb_v2 folder.

Fixes V1 issues.


In pcb_v3 folder.


  • RGB SK6812mini support
  • micro UI/Settings keys as real matrix
  • display usage perhaps
  • trackpoint planning


  • Total : 92 keys
    • A-Z, 1-9, ,./\ etc. : 47
    • Modifiers (ctrl, start, altLR, shiftLR, tab, backspace, del, esc) : 11
    • Enter : 1
    • Space : 1
    • Navigation (<>V^, home, end, pg up down) : 8
    • Fx : 12
    • Special keys : 12

From my tastes:

  • clear : 60
    • normals, space, Fx
  • brown : 20
    • modifiers, navigation, enter
  • grey : 12
    • specials

You can choose differents feelings for the keys, you only need "PCB Mount" ones.

Ordering key caps

I ordered from WASD Keyboards :

  • 3x Numpad "Enter" Cherry MX Keycap (R1 2x1.00)
  • Arrow Keys Cherry MX Keycap Set
  • Row 1, Size 1x1 Cherry MX Keycap (R1 1x1)
  • 104-Key Custom Cherry MX Keycap Set (with custom layout file: docs/wasd-104-keys-template.svg)


It use QMK firmware

git clone
cd qmk_firmware
make git-submodule
cp -r ~/where/is/dashie-keys/firmware/dashie_keys keyboards/
make dashie_keys:default

Then use any Teensy flasher to flash dashie_keys_default.hex.

Firmware special features

There a function key right under ctrl, bottom left of keyboard

I have a "save" icon on my left CTRL key, doing func+ctrl will trigger a CTRL+s

The keyboard can emulate a mouse movements and btns: func+arrow keys, move mouse, func+home=left click, end = right one

There is some multimedia keys too, check keyboard layout

There is a reset key on top-right of keyboard, can be used for programming

Made With

    • Version 5.x only, or nightly until 5.x is released. Format isn't compatible with KiCAD 4.x.


Inspiration and sources


Schematics and PCB under MIT. Firmware under GPL2, same as QMK firmware. Cherry_MX_SK6812_BS.kicad_mod is from