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squeaky otter 4 years ago
Signed by: dashie GPG Key ID: C2D57B325840B755
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@ -42,7 +42,6 @@ The TSL2591 doesn't permit changing I2C address, you can only have one.
### Todo
- Reducing enclosure thickness by around 5mm by trimming the teensyview pins and document the needed size
- Design some sort of sliding window to protect the sensor
- Games, because why not ?
@ -70,6 +69,7 @@ Some build notes :
- The TSL2591 use four wire (Vcc, GND, SDA, SCL) and ideally use two small connectors, allowing for quick disconnect, for either hacking or easy replacement.
- The TeensyView needs to be in ALTERNATE mode, cut some jumper pads and solder the others before sticking the OLED glass. Look at Sparkfun docs for that part.
- The Alternate mode is unfortunately needed because of the pins 10 & 11 which are already used for the RED and Green LEDs. A next revision can change that.
- The TeensyView pins are connected by using standard "long" headers, see ```pics/main_pcb_battery_babysitter.jpg``` for soldering. Also you will have to trim the headers by 5mm on top, to make the display closed to the teensy.
- You have to put the battery babysitter switch to the OFF position, or it will override the power-on/off feature.
<img src="" alt="Schematic" width="40%" height="40%">